Divorce is not only emotionally difficult but it can also be a financially significant event for most families. The process involves terminating the marriage, splitting assets and debts and often establishing child custody and support. The best way to ensure a fair result is to hire an experienced family law attorney. The attorneys at John T. Sholly, Attorney and Counselor at Law can help you with divorce and related concerns, such as asset division and alimony. They have extensive experience and a solid track record. They are also familiar with the local judges and other family law attorneys in Knoxville.

In addition to divorces, the firm can handle other issues such as property division, spousal support, child custody, and adoptions. Founding partners Luke Shipley and Megan A. Swain have 18 years of combined legal experience and can assist clients with a wide range of family law matters. The attorneys are committed to providing professional and compassionate service and work hard to achieve favorable results for their clients.

When it comes to divorces, a good lawyer can make all the difference. They can help you understand the legal process and protect your interests during this emotional time. They will also fight for your rights and help you obtain the best possible outcome. They will guide you through all aspects of the divorce process, including the division of property and assets, alimony, and child custody. They will also help you prepare for court hearings, negotiate a settlement, and represent you in court.

It is crucial to hire a family law attorney with experience and a track record of successful cases. They should be knowledgeable of the laws in your state and county, and have a thorough understanding of complex legal issues such as those involving divorce, custody, and support. A good family law attorney should also be well-versed in the different forms of divorce, such as no fault and fault based divorces.

A Knoxville family law attorney can also help you establish a child custody plan that is in your children’s best interest. Whether you are seeking full or joint custody, they will help you present evidence to prove that your request aligns with the child’s needs. Moreover, they can help you negotiate the terms of your agreement, and establish a custody schedule that fits your family’s needs.

When a spouse wants to terminate a marriage, the court will examine several factors before granting a divorce. The judge will consider the length of the marriage, the reasons for the divorce, and any assets and liabilities. The court may also order spousal and/or child support, which is based on the amount of money each spouse makes and the lifestyle enjoyed by the children. They will also look at the financial and emotional impact on each spouse. If you are going through a separation or divorce, you should consult an experienced Knoxville family law attorney to protect your rights. They can handle contested, uncontested, and high-asset divorce cases.

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